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We provide a comprehensive service for rodent control for both Residential and Commercial properties. Our services are provided to properties such as general domestic dwellings, commercial building, restaurants, food outlets, factories, schools campuses and rural properties.

Rodent control is sometimes an ongoing management strategy on properties where food is processed or consumed and require regular monitoring and re-baiting programs.


Rats such as Sewer Rats (Brown Rats) and Roof Rats (Black Rats) were introduced to Australia in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s by the first settlers to Australia. Rats have followed humans to almost every part of the world.

House Mouse (Common)

The house mouse is by far the most common mammal in the world. Native to Central Asia the common mouse also arrived to Australia with the first settlers.

Rodents in General

All rodents require food, water, shelter and suitable areas for nesting which is usually provided to them in human habitats.

Rats are known for their ability to start fires in homes and buildings as they gnaw at the plastic electrical cabling and junction boxes within the building and can cause the wires to come in contact with each other causing a short and or fire.

Rodents carry a severe health risk as they tend to live in unsanitary places such as drains, chicken coups and below ground and concrete slabs.

Types of rodent control methods include sticky traps, mechanical traps or chemical baiting programs for severe cases or where a rapid response is required. In areas such as food processing areas in factories and restaurants permanent rodent stations with safety technology attributes are installed with a regular baiting and monitoring program put in place.

Our Technicians are trained to provide a comprehensive assessment of any rodent issues you may have and recommend a course of action to eradicate any problem at your property.

Remember it’s the core of the apple rodents find most delectable, the piece of the fruit you throw away.

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The Environment

We choose to use products that are environmentally friendly, including low toxicity chemicals (eg bifentran – made from the daisy flower) that are much less harmful to your family and your pets. Another great benefit of low toxicity chemicals is virtually odorless pest control.

We also take advantage of modern techniques which reduce the use of chemicals.

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